[Kosovo] Families in street situation, "Terre des hommes" supports them in making a living through work and education

Families in street situation
28 Jan 2019

In the framework of the project "Child Protection Safety Net - Phase 3", which aims at strengthening the child protection system, Terre des hommes in Kosovo is implementing the model of specialized services for children in street situation in Prishtina and Prizren. The idea of this project is, apart from helping the families in street situation with direct aid, to support them with vocational trainings so that they can eventually make a living and step out of the situation they currently are. Moreover, in cooperation with other relevant actors, this project aims at helping the children to continue their education, despite the difficulties they face.

In this light, on 27 December 2018, a focus group of more than 50 parents and children was held in Prizren, with the idea of discussing and gaining insight on the problematic of street situation, its causes, and modalities on how this situation can be improved.

These families were identified after they were observed by the mobile teams, interviewed, and referred in Centers for Social Work in respective municipalities.

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