[Moldova] Evaluation of the Implementation of the Strategy for Child Protection 2014–2020 in Moldova

15 Aug 2019

Representatives of public administration institutions, development partners, academia, non-governmental organizations and other civil society organizations are invited to complete a questionnaire to evaluate the results of the implementation of the Child Protection Strategy 2014–2020 and the Action Plan 2016–2020.

The purpose of this evaluation is to support the Ministry of Health, Labour and Social Protection in a mid-term evaluation of the results, and the achievement of objectives, in implementing the Strategy for Child Protection 2014–2020 and the Action Plan 2016–2020.

The evaluation is being carried out between May and December 2019 by a consortium in Romania, which consists of the Research Institute for the Quality of Life (Romanian Academy) and the Romanian Center for Economic Modelling Association (CERME), with the financial support of UNICEF Moldova.

The questionnaire can be accessed HERE.

For more information about this study you can contact the study coordinators: Manuela Sofia Stănculescu and/or Monica Marin at: proyetti.cerme@gmail.com


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