[Moldova] Launch of the competition regarding the awarding of the "Alexandra Grajdian" Trophy, improve COURAGE AND INNOVATION,

03 Sep 2019
Alianța ONG-urilor active în domeniul Protecției Sociale a Copilului și Familiei (APSCF)

AO The Alliance of NGOs Active in the field of Social Protection of Children and Families (APSCF) announces the launch of the Competition regarding the award of the “Alexandra Grajdian” Trophy for COURAGE AND INNOVATION in promoting inclusive education. The trophy registered with the National Heraldic Commission is awarded annually by the APSCF to the institutions that have made a substantial and lasting contribution to the development and promotion of inclusive education.

The competition can be attended by institutions in the field of education: kindergartens, primary schools, gyms, high schools, vocational schools, colleges, universities and others. (September 23 - October 10, 2019) Visits to the members of the Evaluation Commission (October 11-20, 2019) Trophy and award (November 2019).


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