[Montenegro] The interests of the child instead of sensationalism in the media

04 Nov 2018
Portal Analitika

Portal Analitika reported about a three-day Reuters training for Montenegrin journalists organized by the Agency for Electronic Media and UNICEF. Media in Montenegro should deal more responsibly with topics that include children and youth, especially in cases of abuse and violence against children. The competition leading to sensationalism hould be replaced by quality and ethical reporting on child rights issues.

As stated by the representative of  UNICEF in Montenegro, one of the key ethical principles is that a story, a photo or a video should never published, even when the identity of children is changed, masked or not revealed, if it can expose the child, the child's siblings, or peers, to risk.

The media training on ethical reporting is organized within the media literacy campaign "Let's choose what we watch" launched by the Agency for Electronic Media and UNICEF in order to encourage the development of media literacy among children and parents, as well as to strengthen the capacity of the media to create quality media content with children and young people, and to report on all issues of the rights of the child in Montenegro in an ethically correct way.

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