[Montenegro] Training to strengthen capacity of the Network for the Protection of Children against Violence

31 Oct 2018
Antena M Portal

Antenam Portal reported that the members of the Network for the Protection of Children against Violence attended a four-day training aimed at strengthening their capacities. The training was held within the project “Improvement of protection of children in the Children's Home “Mladost” and children beneficiaries of selected NGOs in Montenegro”, supported by UNICEF Montenegro.

The Network for the Protection of Children against Violence is the first network of its kind in Montenegro, and its main goal is to protect children from all forms of violence, as well as to create a safe and secure environment for all children, their development and a quality life. The members of the Network are eight NGOs active in the area of protection of children and women from violence.

The trainer and expert on issues of child abuse and neglect, Lidija Milanovic, said that the training was focussed on protecting children from abuse and neglect as one of the most important forms of protection of children's lives and health. She pointed out that the development of the Network should enable member organizations to focus on the issues related to children, since there are organizations in the Network dealing with violence against women but who have children as a secondary focus. As she stated, the second part of the training was focused on the Network's possibilities to work on the development of policies and practices, as well as defining the advocacy goals. The trainer said that physical violence against children is relatively easy to recognize, but that it is necessary to encourage education and development of competencies of professionals on emotional and sexual violence.

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