[The Netherlands] Over 1,000 Refugee Children Vanished from Dutch Centres in Five Years

01 Apr 2019
The Dutch News

According to the radio programme Argos, over 1,000 refugee children disappeared from refugee centres in the Netherlands in 2013–2017. Around 60 refugee children of Vietnamese origin ran away in the past five years, fearing that they were at risk of trafficking. ‘We are talking about extremely vulnerable children’, said Labour MP Attje Kuiken, who called for an immediate investigation. The Argos investigation reached out to the British newspaper, The Observer, and their joint investigation showed that officials fear that most of the missing children ended up on cannabis farms in the UK. The Observer sites a case of a 17-year-old Vietnamese boy who escaped after being smuggled to the UK from a refugee centre in South Netherlands. The Dutch rapporteur on human trafficking said there is now sufficient evidence that children may be victims of exploitation, and urged government to act, to investigate, and to protect refugee children.


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