Recording of the INSPIRE-series webinars

21 Mar 2019

The beginning of the year ChildHub has organised a series of webinars presenting the 7 strategies of INSPIRE. The INSPIRE package represents an evidence-based approach to revitalizing, focusing, and expanding current multisectoral efforts to prevent and respond to violence against children. It was developed in collaboration with the WHO, CDC, the Global Partnership to End Violence Against Children, PEPFAR, PAHO, UNICEF, UNODC, USAID, Together for Girls, and the World Bank. The package is based on convergence between these agencies and partnerships in the strategies they have been recommending, and presents the best available evidence. 

We have highlighted some of the most effective and world-wide applied practices to address different aspects of the violence against children phenomenon and contribute to ending it. The recordings available below are first-hand practical presentations from the people actively involved in those initiatives! And there is something for everyone - you can be a government official, public policy maker, and NGO, teacher, medical doctor, police officer or a parent, you will find something interesting and useful!

The Cardiff Model for Violence Prevention (Strategy 3 Safe Environments)

Sexual education is about more than sex - the "Yelon" project (Strategy 7 Education and Life Skills)

Addressing social norms and income stability to end violence against children (Strategy 2 Norms and Values, Strategy 5 Income and Economic Strengthening)

Two strategies and two innovative approaches to reduce violence against children (Strategy 4 Parent and Caregiver Support and Strategy 7 Education and Life Skills)

The international success story of the KIVA Antibullying program (Strategy 7 Education and Life Skills)

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