[Romania] In Bacau, the children from 6 communities built the models of their future playgrounds

18 Jun 2018

In Bacau, in the communes Negri, Racova, Scorteni, Sărata, Bogdăneşti and Pîrjol, the children built their models for their future playgrounds. The workshops were facilitated by 3 architects from Bucharest, with expertise in the development of rural communities, who brought the necessary materials and guided the children in the "building process." All their desires were characterized by color, creativity, but also by responsibility, the playgrounds imagined by them are equipped with equipment for their younger and bigger brothers but also for their grandparents. They wish, not just somebody to come to build their playgrounds, but to be part of this process and paint their own equipment, such as painting their own tricolor-colored banks themselves, or taking photos with them, for in the end to make an exhibition in the newly created space to remind them of this experience. What surprised us was the fact that they also came up with proposals to ensure the safety of playgrounds.

Playgrounds are one of the categories of investments made through the project "Support for Social Infrastructure, Health and Education" (SHINE), developed by the Terre des hommes Foundation, in 38 communities in Bacau County. The other categories of investment are: multi-sport grounds, the construction or fitting out of sanitary groups, the rehabilitation of spaces in schools or medical units, dedicated to children, the equipping of schools with heating systems, the transformation of spaces within schools into friendly spaces for non- -formal education with children, purchase a school minibus and build a Fab Lab.

The whole project is based on consulting and involving children, both in the process of setting investment and implementing and ensuring their sustainability.

The objective of the project is,by the end of 2019, to improve the quality of life of over 15,000 children and young people from the 38 communities covered by the project.

"Support for Social Infrastructure, Health and Education" (SHINE) is developed by the Terre des Hommes Foundation Switzerland - the Romanian delegation, through the goodwill of the Botnar Foundation.

This project is funded by: