[Romania] A Book on School Abuse: Concrete and Practical Advice for Teachers

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26 Feb 2020

The PsihoProEdu Association in Cluj-Napoca presented its publication, “Prevention and Treatment of School Abuse”, in the House of Religious Freedom.  

The PsihoProEdu Association was set up in 2010 by school psychologists and speech therapists to provide training on dyslexia for educators, but also to focus on emotional behaviour disorders. At present, school violence is the focus of the Association. They have carried out a comprehensive survey of students in grade 5–8 in Hungarian National Schools, yielding disappointing figures: 48% of students have already been victims of bullying, 38% are offenders, and only 14% said that they would tell an adult if they experienced/saw the abuse.

The booklet is intended for educators and presents practical activities that can help prevent violence in school. Therefore, after a methodological introduction, this booklet presents practices that can help educators create a better classroom atmosphere. The rest of the book provides practices that focus on developing communication, emotional intelligence, social competences and managing anger.

At the presentation, Emese Vitus-Bulbuk presented the communication chapter, Gabriella Baxter-Dáné spoke about the development of emotional intelligence, and Ildikó Nagy-Wolf presented the competence development chapter. Finally, Polixéna Keresztesi briefly presented the chapter on school abuse.

The booklet can be ordered from the Ábel Publishing website.

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