[Romania] Free Therapeutic and Developmental Centre for Disabled Children in Covasna County

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30 Jun 2019

Sfantu Gheorge Municipality, Covasna County Government, and SERA Romania Foundation jointly created a project worth €400,000, to establish a healing and development centre for disabled children in Sfatntu Gheorge. With this niche service, personalized motion development, physiotherapy, massage, hydromassage, cognitive development, speech therapy, self-education, music and dance therapy are available for the rehabilitation of disabled children in the county.

Mária Vass, Head of the Social Counselling and Child Protection Directorate of Covasna County, said: 'We are trying to cover the entire area of ​​the county to make this type of free service available to all stakeholders. We organize support groups and psycho-social counselling for parents to recognize and raise awareness of disability'.

There is an open application for the centre's therapeutic and developmental services. Professionals can assist with creating a rehabilitation plan.

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