[Romania] MISTO AVILEAN! Welcome!

17 Jan 2019

Five partner organizations: Terre des Hommes Romania as the lead partner, Policy Center for Roma and Minorities from Romania, AFEJI from France, FSG from Spain and Terre des Hommes Hungary met in Bucharest last week, December 10-11th, at the MISTO project Kick-off meeting. This is the EU funded project aiming to promote the non-discriminatory integration of Roma children in the education system of the countries concerned by their migration by:

  • Identifying and tackle the structural difficulties in ensuring non-disruptive compulsory education for Roma children on the move in Romania, Spain and France
  • Developing a transnational cooperation mechanism for educational institutions
  • Strengthening the capacity of education professionals and,
  • Combating anti-Roma prejudice through a child-led campaign

Around 240 teachers from 120 schools, as well as 200 children and their parents will be actively involved in all project activities, participating in focus groups and consultations, and providing valuable feedback and inputs.

This project is funded by: