[Romania] School starts with more inclusion for Roma children in Romania – and beyond

09 Sep 2019

On 9th September when the new school year was opened in Bucharest, Klaus Iohannis (Romanian President) and Snežana Samardžić-Markovic (Council of Europe Director General of Democracy) addressed the impact of the “INSCHOOL” project.

The Inclusive Schools: Making a Difference for Roma Children work started in 2017 May with the aim to improve the education of Roma children. The project tries to focus on children not as a “problem”, but as an option to improve the education system, to respond better the needs of Roma children, to celebrate differences and support the learning journey.

INSCHOOL sponsored workshops and training for teachers and staff to handle better Roma students. The comprehensive program promoted education policies and practices in the Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia and in the UK as well.

As a concrete measure in the participating schools the number of Roma kids attending classes increased, there are student councils and forums established to promote inclusion, mentoring programmes are live and inclusion training are organized for teaching staff.

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