[România] 'Swim Online' to Save the Future of the Young

22 May 2020

The Romanian delegation of Terre des hommes Foundation (Tdh) is looking for swimmers/fundraisers for a special Swimathon Bucharest event that will take place online between May and June 2020. Due to current health concerns, the local Swimathon will be organized online and consists of encouraging friends to donate.

The event will support young people in detention in Craiova, Romania, with the slogan 'Sport and games save the future of youth'. The Detention Center in Craiova currently holds 198 minors, most with a low level of education and difficulties in basic social interactions. They have emotional difficulties, and many are not supported by their families. The Covid-19 pandemic has meant extra isolation that has aggravated these problems. The detained minors need to develop personal and social competences in order to build a normal future.

Tdh plans to help local detention center staff offer psycho-social support to these minors through the Movement, Game and Sports methodology. The organisation has been using games and interactive experiences as a teaching method to help young people manage their emotions, build resilience, rebuild the dynamic of their group, and to rebuild trust. This method has already been tested in countries affected by war and catastrophe.

”After being released, this girl used to sleep in a field neaby, as she had no place to go, and survived with the food the caretakers offered her” Read at this link an article about the life of Romanian minors in detention 

The idea is that young people in detention can learn to collaborate in team sports, which empowers them, models their behaviour and reduces conflicts, and Terre des hommes proposes to teach the Craiova Center staff the model to work with detained youth and help them become integrated adults. However, these games require 10 sports kits, worth 22,500 lei. Therefore, the virtual swimmer/fundraiser will be invited to post several encouraging messages and photos explaining the cause and requesting donations. They will also be asked to pay a registration fee of 80 lei. 

If you have questions, please contact the Foundation at the email indicated here or register directly at this link by June 18th, and choose the Movement, Game, Sports cause!

The Swimathon Campaign has raised over 500,000 euros for almost 150 projects since 2013. In 2019, 444 swimmers raised 623,090 lei from 4,062 individual donors and companies, for 24 social projects. It is the first time Terre des hommes has taken part in this campaign and they invite their supporters to join them.

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