[Romania] zefiR - Together for the power of action

29 Mar 2019

zefiR - Together for the power of action is a project implemented by a consortium of non-governmental organizations that has worked to reduce the disparities between Roma and other vulnerable groups and the majority population in a sustainable and tangible way, contributing to the social inclusion of minorities in 12 communities in the counties of Olt, Dolj, Gorj in Romania

zefiR is based on an integrated approach to health and education, as priority action areas, alongside housing and economic development - as complementary areas, based on community development as a cross-cutting approach. Throughout the 68 months of the project (May 2013 - March 2019), beneficiaries and other members of the 12 communities were directly involved in all implementation phases, ranging from community needs analysis to impact assessment, with the participation wide of all stakeholders.

Thus, zefiR is not just another project for Roma people but a change of approach by which the target groups in the three counties were directly involved in the process both to build trust in the community and to ensure that solutions found are sustainable in the long run. The intervention in each community was primarily adapted to the real needs identified locally as well as inter-sectoral.

Partner interventions were not identical for each county, but were tailored to the needs and resources identified in the community. Therefore, the involvement and involvement of Local Public Authorities, local organizations and community members are a prerequisite for the success of the project.

The consortium of the organizations that implemented the project are Terre des hommes Romania, Amare Romentza, Pestalozzi Foundation, PACT Foundation, Community Development Agency Together, Sastipen, Habitat for Humanity, NESsT Foundation.

More details on www.zefirincomunitate.ro

Project co-financed by a grant from Switzerland through the Swiss Contribution to the enlarged European Union.

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