[Serbia] Adverse Childhood Experiences Study in Serbia

29 May 2019
Unicef Serbia

UNICEF has conducted Adverse Childhood Experiences Study in Serbia and one of the key findings is that experiences during childhood can affect health throughout the life course.

This study is also showing that for every 100 adults in Serbia, about 70 have experienced at least one form of adverse childhood experiences (ACE) repeatedly during childhood, and about 20 have experienced four or more.

Also, 38% of respondents reported experiencing community violence in childhood and respondents from urban areas were more exposed to various ACEs, such as physical abuse, psychological abuse, parental separation, bullying and community violence.

The findings will be of key importance to the social welfare system, as they can provide input for advancing risk assessment tools and procedures but also for different types of response services.

The full study is available in Serbian language here.

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