[Serbia] Ambassador of the European Union to the Republic of Serbia, Mr. Sam Fabrizi, visited the coffee bar “16”

19 Mar 2019

The Center for Youth Integration (CYI) is a citizens association that, since 2004, has implemented programs dealing with the population of children and young people in street situations or at risk of being on the street, as well as programs dealing with unaccompanied children (refugees and migrants). CYI through its programs and services provides support to children in the context of system integration and advocates the promotion and operationalization of their rights.

Coffee bar “16” is one of the programs established by CYI to support young people that are older than 15 years that experienced living or working on the street. To a large extent, these are children who, due to their age, cease to use the services of the Drop In Shelter, and remain under the influence of a number of risk factors. Coffee bar "16" allows them to continue their education and have easier access to the labour market. This program also has a great positive impact on their socialization and integration into society.

Mr. Sam Fabrizi, the Ambassador and Head of Delegation of the European Union to the Republic of Serbia, visited the coffee bar "16" in Cetinjska street in Belgrade on March 14th to get acquainted with the work of this social enterprise and give support to the children who work there. In a nice mood and informal atmosphere, he addressed the employees of the Center for Youth Integration, but also young people who are beneficiaries of the program, giving interest in their work and further plans. During his visit, he brought wardrobe and toys for children beneficiaries of CYI on his personal behalf as well as on behalf of the entire EU delegation in Serbia. During the visit, Mr. Fabrizi also spent some time making cappuccino.

The Delegation of the European Union, as well as Mr. Fabrici, has been supporting the work and implementation of the "Center for Youth Integration" program implementation for many years.

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