[Serbia] The importance of healthy and balanced nutrition for the development of children

26 Apr 2019

At a time when parents, due to their numerous obligations, have less and less time to spend with their children, and thus a lack of control over what their children are eating, the EU Info Corner Nis in cooperation with the Counseling for Youth from the Health Center Nis organized a workshop for pupils aged 9 and 10 on the importance of healthy and balanced nutrition.

The workshop was led by Dr. Petar Gocic and through an interactive approach and creative workshops children learned about the importance of a healthy lifestyle, proper nutrition, the functioning of the digestive organs and the food pyramid. Also, pupils had the opportunity to learn how nutrition affects their mental, physical and emotional health, as well as the harmfulness of fast food.

You can find an article on this topic as well as the EU info corner of Niš for organizing workshops during the spring on the following link.

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