[Serbia] "Our Child - Our Decision" Initiative

30 Aug 2019
Network of Organizations for Children of Serbia (MODS)

In Serbia, the "Our Child - Our Decision" initiative has been launched, seeking an amendment to the Family Law, to give parents the right to identify potential guardians of their children in the event of a family tragedy.

Parents stress that the law does not currently have such a possibility, and that the initiative was launched to make a small change that would allow each parent to propose for their life who they would like to care for their child in the event of a tragedy.

“The role of the Center for Social Work is absolutely unchanged and this institution makes the final decision. But this would be a help to them as well, because parents know who would be the best fit."

The initiative was presented to the Committee on the Rights of the Child of the Serbian Parliament last year, and the association says they have received a positive reaction, but since then nothing has happened. "Anyway, that story should start again. Nobody minded, we don't know in the end why everything stands and nothing happens."


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