[Serbia] Political parties, media and children

27 Mar 2019

Bearing in mind the current media situation in Serbia, but also in the region, which is reflected in the daily exposure of children to inappropriate content in the media, in violation and abuse of their privacy, but also in the use of children for media promotion, the Network of Organizations for Children of Serbia considers that it is appropriate to remind representatives of the media, political parties, and the general public to the document "The Code of Children and the Media".

It is of the utmost importance that the rules of dealing with children in the media and in general, are respected, otherwise stigmatization of children and long-term negative consequences can occur and their life and health can be endangered. The Network of Organizations for Children of Serbia is reminding all political and media actors in our society to respect the child and child's right to childhood, and that the realization and protection of the rights of the child, the right to life, health, dignity, identity protection and privacy should be and remain the primary mission of every society and every responsible individual in it.

Organization Friends of Children of Serbia, one of the members of the Network of Organizations for Children of Serbia, published a very interesting and important publication back in 1993, entitled "The Code of Children and the Media".

The publication "The Code of Children and the Media - The Code of Conduct for the Media in Relation to Children" contains guidelines on the conduct of the media towards children that should contribute primarily to the protection of children's privacy, protecting children from inappropriate and disturbing content, but also to the education of adults and children. The document starts from the Convention on the Rights of the Child of the United Nations and in 1993 it was accepted by almost all political parties in Serbia.

You can find the publication on this link.

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