[Serbia] Report from the meeting of the Resource persons of the Regional Resource Center for Child Protection in South Eastern Europe

04 Apr 2018

In the premises of the social enterprise Café Bar "16", on March the 30th, 2018, a meeting of the Resource persons of the Regional Resource Center for Child Protection for South-East Europe - Child Hub, was held. The meeting was held on the occasion of the completion of the first phase and the beginning of the second phase of the project, attended by 12 persons - nine Resource persons, two representatives of the project team from the Center for Youth Integration and one guest from the University of Istanbul.

With the brief introductory address of the Director of the Center for Youth Integration, to all the present first were presented Serbian project team changes on the position of the local coordinator.

The agenda of the meeting consisted of two main parts, the first part of the meeting was foreseen for a brief analysis of the work done so far. Through a short presentation, and starting from the "base line" research of professor from the Faculty of Political Sciences in Belgrade, which was done at the very beginning of the project, which analyzed the existing situation in the social protection system, the expert body was presented with the concrete results of the project , the latest data on the number of registered users, sources, documents, held and upcoming events, held webinars, publications and forums. The Child Hub platform currently brings together over 4,000 members, professionals dealing with social protection, and especially with children's rights. In the eight countries of the region, over 230 Resource persons are currently engaged, and in addition to numerous online webinars and training sessions, the platform also includes a multilingual online library with over 20,000 publications.

After a brief addressing of the two  Resourse persons, followed the interactive second part of the meeting, in which further plans for work were presented. The Child Hub platform will continue with its work, collecting and knowledge dissemination and advocacy of children's rights. However, as a special goal of the second phase of the project, which was given great attention, was the participation of children in innovation, as well as the development of five pilot projects, with the possibility of financing one prototype. On this occasion, expert associates presented their opinions and ideas on greater participation of children and the creation of these technical ideas that would be of great help for them in overcoming problems and risk situations. Emphasis was placed on the inclusion of children. Representative of the Ministry of Sports and Youth pulled a parallel and suggested that we can use the example of UNICEF's platform "Agora" and the data of "U-Report". Two Resourse persons from Novi Sad, from the Family Accommodation and Adoption Center and from the Knowledge and Skills Center, said that based on their experience, it is necessary to add to the Child Hub Platform a part that will allow future professionals, students, opportunities and the ability to connect and contact with each other. This idea followed the information on plans for the platform to expand in terms of introducing a new interactive landing page for children on the Child Hub Platform to stimulate and facilitate the collection and exchange of their ideas. Professor of the Faculty of Political Sciences, emphasized the importance of the UN General Comments and suggested that their availability on Child Hub would be of great importance for this Platform.

In the final part of the meeting, it is announced that a big project meeting will be held on the April 12th and 13th in Moldova, on the occasion of the beginning of the second phase of the project. After the meeting, all the project's collaborators will also receive a report with the most important information.

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