[Serbia] Serbian government adopted a Decree on determining hazardous work for children

12 Jun 2017
Center for Youth Integration

The Government of the Republic of Serbia, at the proposal of the Ministry of Labor on 29th May 2017, has adopted a Decree on determining hazardous work for children - such as working at height, with excessive load, work in confined spaces, work requiring excessive mental and physical burden of the child.

"This Decree will be implemented by all relevant inspections of the Labor Inspectorate to the Inspectorate of Social Welfare", said the Minister of Labor, Employment, Veteran and Social Affairs, Aleksandar Vulin, at a conference organized on the occasion of the World Day against child labor abuses. The minister said that the phenomenon of child labor affects the entire planet, and Serbia as well, and that the state and society need to fight this issue.

Center for Youth Integration celebrates in 2017 the 10th anniversary of Drop in Shelter for street involved children. Currently, this service provides support for 300 children from the city of Belgrade - within Drop in Shelter, children can meet their basic needs, such as clothes and shoes, hot meals and bathing, as well as full support for the inclusion in the educational system, but also help in connecting with health, social and other institutions. Despite the fact that this service is recognized by the Serbian Law on Social Protection, this service is not included in the budget of the City of Belgrade so the sustainability do not exist and the financing is secured only by the end of 2017.

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