[Serbia] Why is immunization important

26 Apr 2019

In Serbia, for a long time, one of the main themes is Immunization of children, since in the 2017, the largest epidemic of morbils in the last 25 years has erupted. In the last year in Serbia, the courts issued 119 convictions to parents for failing to complete the immunization of their children, also, the Minister of Education Mladen Sarcevic announced that parents will be deprived of parental rights and that the temporary guardians will be appointed to the children for vaccination.

After state intervention, the percentage of vaccinated children in Serbia rose to 99% in 2018, however, this data should be taken with the reserve given that in some areas in Serbia only 50% of children were vaccinated with MMR vaccine and that there is still a real risk of returning this long-lasting disease.

On the occasion of the World Immunization Week, UNICEF tried to answer the most frequently asked questions on the issue of immunization within its weekly magazine, and you can find a very useful and interesting article on the following link.

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