[Ukraine] Сhildren presented a report with recommendations on the prevention of sexual violence and sexual exploitation of children

10 Dec 2018
Press Center of the Ukrainian Crisis Media Center

On December 10, a report with recommendations prepared by the focus group of Ukrainian children between the ages of 14 and 19 on the sexual abuse and sexual exploitation of children was presented at the request of the Lanzarote Committee on the Rights of the Child of the Council of Europe. "The report consists of three parts: the prevention of sexual violence and exploitation of children, education in this area and the protection of children who became victims of unlawful acts. The boys and girls were grouped into three groups and prepared a report in a form suitable for them - a form of collage", - said Svetlana Tarabanova, child rights activist of the Coalition "Children's Rights in Ukraine".

For more information, follow the link below and watch the video here.

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