[United Kingdom] New Project to Prevent Children Going into Care in England

03 Oct 2019
Express and Star

‘Innovative Programme’, funded by the British government is designed to help support families where children are at risk of going into care because of their parents’ problems with mental health, domestic violence or addiction. The program aims to handle these issues early on and keep the family safely together.

‘Family Safeguarding’ is one of three successful projects helping children in Walsall, England to grow up in more stable and resilient family. The main idea is to create teams of mental health practitioners, domestic and substance abuse workers, and adult and children’s social workers to support families in need.

Reducing harmful parental behaviours greatly improves the lives of vulnerable children in Walsall by reducing

  • the number of days the children are in care;
  • days the parent spends in hospital;
  • the number of times the police have been contacted.

As a result, more families can safely stay together and provide a home environment where children can thrive.

The projects supported by the programme that are rated ‘good’ or ‘outstanding’ by the Office for Standards in Education, Children’s Services and Skills, aim to improve child protection. The programs help families in need, as well as support the professional team in identifying these families and what is best for them.

Every child has the right, as the Children and Families Minister Michelle Donelan said, ‘to grow up in safe, stable and loving home where they feel supported to take on the challenges life can present’.


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