[United Kingdom] Undertaking Remote Teaching Safely

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23 Mar 2020

As the coronavirus spreads around the world, an increasing number of countries are deciding to close their schools and opt for remote learning. As of 16 March, Hungarian children have also been learning from home, presenting a very challenging situation for teachers, parents, carers and pupils as well. Besides ensuring the proper technological devices and learning materials, adults also have to pay attention to children’s safety. What are the effective measures to safeguard children using online education? The National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC) in the UK has summarized some guidelines for teachers to undertake remote teaching safely.

The guidelines include:

  • informing parents and children of the risks of online learning and acquiring their consent;
  • establishing set guidelines for duties and contact times;
  • using age-appropriate materials and platforms;
  • teachers should use school accounts (not personal accounts) to send information to parent/carers, not the child;
  • conducting live courses in a neutral/calm environment;
  • remain considerate of the child’s mental well-being;
  • contact child protection with any concerns for the child’s safety.

The NSPCC has also collected some online tools to help children cope with this new situation:

  1. Calm Zone for relaxation
  2. Games for fun during a stressful situation
  3. Website useful advice and games for children under 12
  4. Message board for children
  5. Information about coronavirus for children


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