10 Essential Learning Points: Listen and Speak out against Sexual Abuse of Boys and Girls


Date of publication:  31 Jul 2005 Publisher:  The International Save the Children Alliance Publication type:  Report / Study / Data

Children's voices have often been missing from discussions about child sexual abuse and exploitation, and studies on these topics often neglect children's perspective. This report includes recommendations from children on what they need and how they want to be treated after experiencing sexual abuse. It also provides guidelines on issues such as justice for child victims of sexual abuse and exploitation, implementing a multi-sectoral and multi-disciplinary approach, building community support for children, handling perpetrators of abuse, combating HIV/AIDS, and advocacy concerning child sexual abuse. Child sexual abuse in schools, in the community and in institutions is examined in detail. Country studies of Canada, Colombia, Bangladesh, Brazil, Mozambique, Nepal, Nicaragua, Romania, Rwanda, South Africa, Spain, Syria and Uganda provide an overview of the prevalence of, and particular issues associated with, child sexual abuse and exploitation in these countries. 

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