50 Facts About the Roma Community in Europe


Date of publication:  22 Apr 2016 Authors:  Kareem Korayem Publisher:  Child Protection Hub Publication type:  Report / Study / Data

In this Childhub publication, a list of 50 facts regarding the Roma community in Europe is compiled. The list includes facts on Roma history, culture, the persecutions they faced, current discrimination that is hampering their progress and other facts relevant to everyone unfamiliar with the plight of the Roma and would like to better understand the situation.

Some of the facts listed in the document are:

1- The majority of Roma live in Europe, there are between 10-12 million Roma in Europe today, making them the continents largest minority. 

2- According to genetic and linguistic indicators, the Roma originated from northern India. They most likely left India 1,500 years ago and began arriving in Europe between 1,000 and 900 years ago.

3-Anywhere between 200,000 and 1,500,000 Roma were killed during the Holocaust, known as the Porajmos or ‘The Devouring’ by the Roma. 

4- There is a tragic prevalence of child marriages in the Roma community.

5- The life expectancy of the Roma is 10 – 15 years lower than the average population. 

6- Segregation of the Roma in education still exists: eg 40% of Roma students in Slovakia go to Roma only schools.

7- In Greece and Romania, one in ten Roma children is reported to be working outside the home. 

8- The Roma community experiences poverty rates 10 times higher than the average population. 

9- The Roma face a disproportionate frequency of human trafficking. Despite being only 10% of the Bulgarian population, the Roma constitute 50-80% of sexually trafficked persons in the country. 

10- Despite all of the obstacles faced by the Roma, there is an increasing awareness of the discrimination they face. With the end of the Decade of Roma Inclusion, many lessons have been learned and many organizations are working to right the many wrongs that hold back the potential of the Roma community. 

You can find the rest of the 50 facts in the document that is linked.

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