Annual Report of Reachout.BG

The published material presents the work done by the Reachout.BG team in 2016 and the plans for 2017.


Date of publication:  01 Jan 2017 Author:  Reachout.BG Publisher: Publication type:  Report / Study / Data


Reacнout.BG is a nongovernmental organization whose main purpose is the structured long-term assistance of children and teenagers deprived of family and parental care. The organization is a member of the National network for children and is licensed by the State agency for child protection for providing the social service “Mobile centre for working with children”.

Every, one of our initiatives aims to prevent dropping out of school, provides access to developmental and educational programs that help develop skills for an independent and fulfilling life. 

The published material, attached to this article (in Bulgarian), presents the work done by the Reachout.BG team in 2016 and the plans for 2017.

Reachout. BG and Child protection hub for South East Europe

"In Reachout we pay particular attention to the quality of the social service we provide.The maintenance of a quality social service is impossible without a permanent and ongoing professional development of the team providing support to the children included in our program. In 2016 we in Reachout managed to take advantage of several opportunities to develop our professional competencies thanks to our partnership with the Know-How Center for the Alternative Care for Children, the NBU, which coordinates the activities of the Bulgarian part of the Child protection hub for South East Europe. Through programs of the Child Hub Network Reachout representatives participated in trainings and meetings to exchange experience."

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