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Date of publication:  01 Jan 2009 Publisher:  United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees Publication type:  Toolkit / Handbook / Manual

Children are vulnerable to many complex and interdependent protection risks, in emergencies and in day-to-day life. It is crucial to factor this into emergency responses and long-term development activities. The ARC resource pack (available at: provides an essential collection of information and training material on CD-ROM, to strengthen people’s capacity: * to tackle the root causes of children’s vulnerabilities * to build effective child protection systems for use in emergencies and long-term development * to ensure that no activities inadvertently compromise children’s rights or safety. The pack is the result of interagency collaboration over a number of years and has the additional purpose of bringing practitioners together from different organisations to share understandings, experiences and training opportunities. It is a priority initiative of the Child Protection Working Group of the Global Protection Cluster. The pack includes the latest standards and best practices and reflects the realities of present-day emergencies, with increased emphasis on natural disasters and internal displacement. To order the CD-ROM please e-mail: The CD-ROM will open to display a welcome screen providing menus leading you to all the ARC resource pack materials. All the documents on the CD-ROM are provided as Acrobat PDF files and most are also included as MS Word files that are editable for local use. The pack comprises 14 modules, in two groups. Foundation modules 1 Understanding childhoods 2 Child rights-based approaches 3 Programme design 4 Participation and inclusion 5 Advocacy 6 Community mobilisation 7 Psychosocial support Critical issue modules 1 Abuse and exploitation 2 Education 3 Children with disabilities 4 Sexual and reproductive health 5 Landmine awareness 6 Separated children 6 Children associated with armed forces or armed groups The current document is the training manual for trainers. This training manual provides advice and ideas to support capacity building and training programs, as well as a list of exercises and energisers for any workshop using content from the ARC resource pack. As noted in the User guide, the ARC materials are extensive and comprehensive and it is not intended that an ARC workshop will cover all 14 ARC modules. Rather facilitators, together with planning groups and commissioning managers, should determine which issues are of most relevance for their particular context and train on those issues. The structure of the ARC resource pack also makes it possible to train on a critical issue through the lens of the Foundation modules. For example, a fiveday training on separated children might include sessions on advocacy, participation and/or community mobilisation using those Foundation modules. Or it may be useful to train participants on the programme cycle using separated children as the issue and doing exercises on situation analysis, programme choices and implementation and monitoring and evaluation. Furthermore, elements of the ARC resource pack may be used in conjunction with other training materials such as the Interagency introduction to child protection in emergencies CD ROM. Above all, the ARC material is intended to be adapted to the particular context and material chosen from the pack depending on the training needs. The ARC resource pack assumes that the user will have a basic understanding of what child protection is and some of the main programmatic interventions. If this is not the case, it will be necessary for the facilitator to supplement that information from other sources.

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