"Child centred services"

A guide to the psychological, medical and social treatment of the child - victim or potential victim of violence
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Date of publication:  01 Jun 2020 Author:  Dr. Anita Pilika Dr. Livia Nano Deana Rama Fjorda Lula Erinda Bllaca Publisher:  Qendra Fokus Publication type:  Guide / Guidelines / Principle

Based on the identified needs for the preparation of a guide for the first-line professionals as well as striving to address interventions for the future, the Focus Center has prepared this guide “Child focused services”, which comes to the aid of multidisciplinary groups in effective treatment of any abused case in which children are involved.

This publication is made possible through the Grant Scheme, part of the project "Strengthening Civil Society for the Prevention and Protection of Children from Violence and Abuse in Albania", funded by the European Union and implemented by Terre des Hommes, Albania (TdH) in collaboration with the National Source Center for Training and Technical Assistance (ANTTARC)

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