Child protection and Food Security and Livelihoods - Tips and Recommendations


Date of publication:  08 Jun 2017 Publisher:  FSL Cluster and Child Protection Publication type:  Guide / Guidelines / Principle

Food security is not only a basic need, but it is also a human right, insofar, the concept is heavily entrenched in international legislation, as we note Article 24 of the United Nations' Convention of the Rights of the Child, which was drafted in 1989, and furthermore recognizes the right of all children to achieve the highest standard of health. Moreover, ratified member states of the convention are required to follow appropriate standards in combating disease and malnutrition. In addition to this, Article 24 calls for signatory states to oversee the provision of adequate nutritious foods, among many other imperative needs, to all children.

The Convention further addresses the issue of child labor and condemns the practice, as demonstrated in the text of Article 32 of the convention. This particular article objects the performance of harmful work by a child that may endanger the wellbeing while jeopardizing the education of the child.

The malnutrition of children and child labor, are both gendered issues. This report, provides a guideline comprised of check points and propositions to combat these issues. 

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