Children and the Internet, be smart from the beginning

Safe Internet for the whole family


Date of publication:  01 Oct 2018 Publisher:  UNICEF Serbia Publication type:  Guide / Guidelines / Principle

The Internet is the most powerful source of information in the history of human civilization, an important cultural tool that shapes personal development, significantly changing aspects of the modern life. Among the users, the Internet has more and more children, although its content
is not always suitable for their development and psychological needs.

Safe and constructive use of digital devices and the Internet implies possessing adequate digital literacy skills: search and critical evaluation of the 
information from the Internet, communication through digital tools, creation of the digital content, safe behavior on the Internet and solving problems in a digital environment.

The right to acquire the skills of digital literacy is one of the basic childrens rights in the digital age. The responsibility of the adults - parents, educators, teachers, decision-makers - is to ensure adequate protection and support to the children for unhindered enjoyment of their rights in the digital world. Digital literacy represents one of the eight key competencies in compulsory education.

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