Children and the Мedia

A Guidebook On Ethical Reporting


Date of publication:  01 Jan 2018 Publisher:  The United Nations International Children’s Fund (UNICEF) Publication type:  Guide / Guidelines / Principle

We are sharing the first uidebook on ethical reporting on children in the media and corporate/commercial communication prepared by the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) and the Association of European Journalists - Bulgaria. This publication is intended for journalists who cover issues related to children in their material, with a separate chapter dedicated to the photo- and video-recording of children. Also included are valuable recommendations from a psychologist and a lawyer, as well as references to the legal framework in Bulgaria, useful examples of good and bad practices and a review of the highest international standards required for the ethical coverage of children in the media.

You can find the full document in English following the external link under this article.

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