Children in crisis: unaccompanied migrant children in the EU


Date of publication:  26 Jul 2016 Publisher:  European Union Committee/ House of Lords Publication type:  Report / Study / Data

In light of the current refugee crisis, which this report describes as the "greatest humanitarian challenge to have faced the European Union since its foundation" strategies must be developed to assist some of those who are most vulnerable to exploitation and abuse: namely unaccompanied minors. Having explored the scale of the problem the committee goes on to examine the kinds of challenges and dangers unaccompanied children face.This report identifies a series of underlying conditions which have prevented unaccompanied minors from receiving the level of support they need and to which they are entitled. The consequences of these failings are in some cases extreme and irreversible: including death. However, these problems can and must be addressed immediately and for this to happen the collaboration of different stakeholders is required. Indeed, everybody involved in ensuring that unaccompanied children have their rights protected must come to recognize the need for 'shared responsibility'.

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