Children, ICT and Development

Capturing the potential, meeting the challenges


Date of publication:  01 Jan 2014 Author:  DOROTHEA KLEINE DAVID HOLLOW SAMMIA POVEDA Publisher:  UNICEF Publication type:  Report / Study / Data

This project is interspersed with data analysis, expert opinions and some interviews. It is definitely an interesting contribution towards ICT4D as it opens up the challenges and the potentials of using ICT for children development. The first theme, access and equity, explores the complex socio-political factors which dictate availability and affordability of ICTs for children. It highlights the importance of focusing on children in the most disadvantaged city districts and remote regions and shows how ICT can both exacerbate and reduce pre-existing inequalities for children. The second theme, gender, emphasizes the specific challenges for girls in accessing and utilizing ICT. It explores some of the initiatives that are working to reduce the gender divide in ICT and identifies technology-related risks that are particularly likely to affect girls. The third theme focuses on the important role that intermediaries play, assessing who controls access to and use of ICTs and the implications that this has for e-health and e-learning. Alongside this, the discussion of intermediaries also emphasizes the role of commercial interests affecting the distribution patterns of ICTs.

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