Children's Voice 2018


Date of publication:  13 Dec 2018 Author:  Kauppinen, Riitta Publisher:  Save the Children Finland

The Children’s Voice survey is a survey that Save the Children regularly composes on themes related to children’s daily life. The objective of the survey is to lift up the voices and experiences of children and young people so that they would be considered better in the Finnish society; from daily encounters to decision-making on the state level.

The theme of the Children’s Voice survey 2018 was experiences related to poverty and bullying, especially in the school environment. The survey completes and updates the Children’s Voice 2015 survey, which researched children’s experiences of poverty and inclusion. There is quite limited information collected on children and youth’s poverty experiences published in Finland. This survey aims to increase the understanding of the daily experiences of particularly youth in low-income families.

Target group for the survey was 13–17-year-old children. The survey was implemented using an online form during 21 May–5 June 2018, and there were 1,706 respondents.

55% of the respondents were girls, 42% were boys and 2% of the respondents chose the alternative “other”. At the time of taking the survey, most (63%) of the respondents were studying in a secondary school, 9% were in primary school and 27% were completing an upper secondary degree. 2% were studying in some other institution or not studying at all.

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