Crimes withought punishment!

The first national report on online security of children and youth
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Date of publication:  01 Feb 2019 Author:  Altin Hazizaj Publisher:  CRCA Publication type:  Report / Study / Data


The report was published by the Centre for the Rights of the Children in Albania and it is the first of its kind to cover all the country. The data collection is based on the reporting coming from the online platform dedicated to the online security of children and youth.

It brings an overview of the legislative gabs in the Albania Legal Framework related to the issue as well as it takes into account the latest actions that are undertaken to address the consequences in our context.

An important part of the report is the reflection of findings from the online platform such as number of reporting, gender and age, rural vs urban, different forms of abuse encountered, the responsiveness to the reporting etc.

At the end a series of recommendations are drawn based on the findings.

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