Criminal networks involved in the trafficking and exploitation of underaged victims in the European Union

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Date of publication:  01 Oct 2018 Publisher:  Europol Publication type:  Report / Study / Data

New Europol report on child trafficking provides up-to-date picture on this criminal phenomenon. The report is based on almost 600 contributions involving trafficked underage victims that member states reported to Europol in the period 2015-2017. It provides an in-depth picture of the features of criminal networks involved in the abuse of vulnerable children. In the report you can find more information about Europol`s activities against child trafficking, non-EU networks trafficking non-EU child victims including children in migration, sham marriages organized by OCGs, intra-EU trafficking, as well as the key findings and conclusions.

Some of the report findings are:

  • Trafficking and exploitation on male minors still remains underreported
  • Traffickers active in the EU target underage victims mainly for sexual exploitation
  • Particularly harmful EU networks are large family clans
  • Children in migration and unaccompanied minors are at higher risk

You can access the full report on the link below.

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