Digital wellbeing – Guidance for parents


Date of publication:  01 Oct 2018 Publisher:  Childnet International Publication type:  Guide / Guidelines / Principle

Technology plays an important role in the lives of young people today, being part of their up-bringing from the very beginning. Young people learn, socialize and exchange experiences online, but with the benefits and opportunities technology offers, also new challenges come along. As a result, it is essential for young people to understand how technology can impact them, how to use it safely and protect themselves. Parents have an important role in this process, but they often need guidance and support themselves, to be able to educate their children. For this reason, Childnet has created a guidance for parents to help them support children and young people across different age groups. On the link below you can find information for each age category, including how children of this age interact with Internet, advice on the best ways to support them and ideas how to start a conversation about digital wellbeing in the first place.

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