Discrimination against Roma in the Swedish Social System


Date of publication:  01 Jan 2007 Authors:  Heidi Pikkarainen Publisher:  European Roma Rights Center Publication type:  Newsletter / Review / Bulletin

In 1999, Roma were recognised as one of five historical minorities in Sweden and Romani Chib was recognised as a minority language. As a consequence, a Council for Romani Issues was formed in 2002 as an advisory council for the government. The recognition of Roma as a national Swedish minority means that Roma have increased opportunities to influence how questions concerning Romani life are handled at the national level directly. Nevertheless, the overall picture of the living conditions of Roma is still alarming. Roma in Sweden live in a very exposed situation in all relevant economic, cultural, and social aspects  not least in terms of access to schooling, the labour market and housing. In 2003, the Swedish Ombudsman against Ethnic Discrimination published a report entitled “Discrimination against Romanies in Sweden” and will in early 2008 present a report updating the situation of Roma.

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