Entrusted Children

A study on the legal requirements and procedures concerning the exit and re-entry of Romanian minors in the context of human trafficking: the role of Public Notaries.


Date of publication:  30 Jan 2015 Authors:  Cristinel Buzatu and Claudia Campeanu Publisher:  Terre des hommes Romania Publication type:  Report / Study / Data

Human trafficking remains a serious issue in Romania. A significant percentage of trafficking victims are children, who are mostly trafficked into Western Europe for various purposes including: sexual exploitation, forced begging, petty crime and benefit fraud.
In order to fight and prevent trafficking in children, Romania introduced in 2005 a series of obligations with effect on the free movement of Romanian children. One of these obligations is the affidavit – which acts as proof of parental consent for the child to leave the country. Albeit this being one of the key safeguards put in place to prevent external child trafficking, to date there is little research evaluating the impact and effectiveness of this safeguard. The only such evaluation was carried out by Terre des hommes in a previous research report released in 2013, which highlights a series of limitations to the current system. The present research seeks to explore those findings further and provide additional evidence to highlight shortcomings of the affidavit system and provide concrete recommendations.

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