FIGURES AND TRENDS 2018 - From hotlines for missing children and cross-border family mediators


Date of publication:  01 Jan 2019 Publisher:  Missing Children Europe Publication type:  Report / Study / Data

Thousands of children go missing in Europe following a range of situations linked to abuse, violence, neglect, conflict and poverty.

In 2018, 91655 calls related to missing children were answered by hotlines across Europe. In practice, these hotlines worked on a total of 8845 cases in 2018 including 6 221 new cases and 2 624 open cases from previous years.

The missing children cases reported to hotlines in 2018 can be broken down into the following categories:

  • Runaways - 58,2%
  • Parental abductions - 19,2%
  • Missing children in migration - 4,1%
  • Lost or injured - 1,6%
  • Criminal abductions
  • Otherwise missing
  • Other

Read the publication to figure out more about these categories!

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