Final Evaluation of the Child Protection Hub for South East Europe Project


Date of publication:  28 Feb 2018 Author:  Damian Hatton Mirjana Gavric Kelly Smith Publisher:  ChildHub Publication type:  Report / Study / Data

The main finding in relation to the different types of audience engaged, content production and training provision (i.e. output targets) is that they have all been significantly over-achieved compared to original intended goals. ChildHub materials and the various training opportunities have been well received and are considered both relevant and very useful to a majority of ChildHub users. In respect of the intended outcomes from the project these have also been largely over-achieved in relation to their original definition within the programme logframe. Additionally, there has also been a number of early stage outcomes from building professional networks, increasing knowledge and skills, and advocacy, and there is an increasingly good understanding of the range of skills and capabilities required by both formal and informal CP actors, across the different CP stakeholders within the regional CP system. However, the timeframe for mid to long term changes to occur, for example in relation to widespread practice change amongst CP professionals, as a result of ChildHub’s capacity development efforts, is likely to be longer than originally expected, with success dependent upon the inter-section of a number of contributory factors, some of which are out of the control of ChildHub. A similar timeframe expectation, for similar reasons, should also be set in relation to significant policy change results to materialise, as a consequence of ChildHubs advocacy-related efforts. Adoption of some of the recommendations in the next section, should improve the likelihood of mid to longer term changes occurring within the next Phase.
There has also been a number of unintended outcomes as a result of ChildHub. Networking activities appear to have provided a much wider set of connections for Resource People than they originally expected, especially at the regional level. Whilst the adoption of ChildHub as a training resource for the harder harder to reach social worker has been more challenging, behaviours towards consuming information, accessing training and collaborating online. This change in attitude was a online world, are able to make full use of activities had the unexpected bonus for many Resource People of siginificantly enhancing their peer to peer relationships and networks, as complement to their primary purpose. Finally, seen a larger than expected adoption within the University setting, and is emerging as an important resource for teaching the next generation of CP professionals. 

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