Good practices booklet for the prevention of child trafficking

Recommendations for Romanian public notaries issuing affidavits for the exit of minors out of the country


Date of publication:  12 Oct 2015 Authors:  Cristinel Buzatu Claudia Campeanu Raluca Icleanu Publisher:  Terre des hommes Romania Publication type:  Toolkit / Handbook / Manual

The aim of the best practice booklet is to share knowledge on child trafficking in Romania and the UK with a focus on the exit procedures of minors and role of involved parties. It wants to raise awareness on the necessary practices to be taken for the safeguarding of children, thus lowering the number of Romanian children that are being trafficked externally.

It incorporates information that was gathered during and as a result of the activities developed within the project, such as a research study on the exit procedures of minors from Romania; trainings with child care professionals, public notaries and law enforcement representatives from Romania and UK; visits to public notaries; trainings with CCC members.

The recommendations contained in this best practice booklet aim at increasing public notaries awareness of children (minors) exiting Romania accompanied by their parents or third party and their role in the prevention of child trafficking.

The present booklet contains information about human trafficking in Romania, exit procedures of Romanian children, risks and vulnerabilities of children and recommended actions to be taken for the protection of children migrating. 

The main rationale for the ICARUS partnership is that public notaries are in direct contact with persons vulnerable to trafficking on a daily basis, particularly in rural areas. The Notary has the confidence of families, maintains confidentiality and where possible provides legal education to his or her clients. Being a highly respected liberal professional, but also the provider of a public interest services, the Notary Public is in a unique position to take part in prevention efforts.  

This best practice booklet was developed by Terre des hommes Elvetia Foundation within the ICARUS project (Improving Coordination and Accountability towards Romanian Unaccompanied minors’ Safety )[1]  co-financed by the European Commission under the Prevention and Fight against Crime Programme of the Home Affairs General Directorate.


[1] Ref. no. HOME/2012/ISEC/AG/THB/4000003898

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