HIV and International Labour Migration

Policy Brief


Date of publication:  01 Jun 2008 Publisher:  Joint United Nations Programme On Hiv/aids Publication type:  Legal / Policy Framework

International labour migrationthe movement of people across national borders for employmentis an increasingly important aspect of global, regional and national economies. Recent estimates indicate that 86 million people are international labour migrants. This policy brief focuses on the HIVrelated needs and rights of international labour migrants, regardless of their status as regular or irregular, or the duration of their migration. Migrant workers benefit from increased employment opportunities. Origin and destination countries both benefit, the former as remittances are a reliable source of income and the latter because of the important contribution labour migrants make to the economy and society in which they live. Yet migrant workers experience particular HIV risks and needs, which must be addressed in striving towards universal access to HIV prevention, treatment, care and support services by 2010.

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