Identifying the evidence-base for art-based practices and their potential benefit for mental health recovery: A critical review


Date of publication:  01 Nov 2012 Author:  Van Lith, T. Schofield, M. J. & Fenner, P. Publisher:  Informa UK Ltd. Publication type:  Report / Study / Data

This article critically reviews existing literature on the benefits of art-based interventions for the purpose of mental health recovery. Analysing a total of 23 quantitative, qualitative and mixed method studies that addressed art-based practices and adult mental illness, this review shows that participation in this type of  initiatives “are of high benefit to psychological and social recovery, particularly in the areas of self-discovery, self-expression, relationships and social identity.” The article provides a number of  recommendations for future research, including the need for further mixed method research and longitudinal studies and for the adoption of  innovative and inclusive methods.

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