"From the inside out, or the significance of human presence", Equilibium Association

The experience of the Equiplibrum Association in the management of the the Byala Center for Family Type Accomodation


Date of publication:  02 Nov 2018 Author:  Nadezhda Petrova - psychologist and head of methodology of the Center for Family Type Accomodation - Byala Publisher:  Equilibium Association Publication type:  Report / Study / Data

The Non-Profit Association Equilibrium are sharing their experiences from 2016 to 2018 from the management of the Center for Family Type Accomodation for children and young people without disabilities in the Byala district of Ruse, Bulgaria, in the form of this short edition entitled "From the Inside Out, or the Significance of Human Presence". In these 40 pages you will find (in Bulgarian) a number of examples from everyday life in the Center, which are indicative of the difficulties faced by children and adults in family type accommodation centers. This qualitative information is a good source to complement the abundance of quantitative data related to social care, as experience in child care is never simply black and white.

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