Investing in Children’s Services improving outcomes


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The project Investing in children’s services, Improving Outcomes aims to support the implementation of the European Recommendation “Investing in children: breaking the cycle of disadvantage”, which recommends that national governments promote access to quality services as an essential pillar of multidimensional children policies. The project maps the implementation of children’s services in several European countries in order to suggest proposals for improvement in line with the European Recommendation. The methodology that we used included a questionnaire – to gather intelligence on how overarching principles may be implemented in practice – and three peer reviews to bring together children’s services directors, national, regional and local government’s representatives with responsibilities in children’s services, and services providers from each country. Some of these member states, such as Spain and the UK, feature a decentralised approach to the organisation of children’s services, in which case the analysis focuses only on some parts of the country, such as Catalonia and Scotland. Here you will find a summary of country profiles with some key facts and relevant themes for the organisation of children’s services in the countries analysed. The information contained in these profiles is based on the answers to the questionnaires.

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