Joint Statement on Leaders' Summit on Refugees


Date of publication:  20 Sep 2016 Publisher:  United States White House Publication type:  Legal / Policy Framework

On the margins of the UN General Assembly, on 20 September 2016, the United States President Obama hosted the Leaders' Summit on Refugees, alongside co-hosts Canada, Ethiopia, Germany, Jordan, Mexico and Sweden. 

The event sought to galvanize significant new global commitments to: 1) increase funding to humanitarian appeals and international organizations, 2) admit more refugees through resettlement or other legal pathways, and 3) increase refugees' self-reliance and inclusion through opportunities for education and legal work. This Joint Statement on the Leaders' Summit on Refugees was issued on behalf of the co-hosts, the governments of Canada, Ethiopia, Germany, Jordan, Mexico, Sweden, and the
United States. The statement notes the lack of a "routine mechanism [...] to facilitate voluntary responsibility-sharing for refugees" and commits those States to supporting the development of a Global Compact on Responsibility Sharing for Refugees.

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