Manual for Engaging Young Men and Boys in Emergencies


Date of publication:  01 Mar 2018 Author:  Marina Starcevic Cviko / CARE International Balkans Branko Birac / Center E8 Belgrade Vesna Cvetkovic / NEXUS Vranje Natasa Milosavljevic / NEXUS Vranje Publisher:  CARE International Balkans Publication type:  Toolkit / Handbook / Manual

In response to the unfolding humanitarian crisis in 2015-2017 in the Balkans, CARE International Balkans (hereinafter referred to as CARE Balkans) provided urgent humanitarian assistance to refugees and migrants as they passed through Serbia on their way to EU countries. CARE ensured food security, provided shelter and non-food items, offered water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH), and protection.

The overall objective was to contribute to the ongoing efforts of the Serbian Government and the local communities affected by the refugee crisis, and to provide direct assistance to refugees and migrants. During the emergency assistance, CARE and its local partners recognized the need to protect young male migrants mostly unaccompanied minors - as the major group in need. Building on CARE’s decade-long experience of engaging boys and young men in the Balkans in programs on violence prevention, healthy lifestyles and gender equality initiatives, we decided to use the existing Program Y2 together with the Kids Welcome Initiative3 , implemented by CARE Germany, and create a tailor-made program for working with young male migrants.

This manual outlines CARE’s experience in working with young male migrants and serves as a guiding tool for frontline workers, mediators and educators in their work with young men with a migration background.

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